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Jordan Villa

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Jordan Villa


Package Includes

Good for 8 persons (entrance fee not yet included)

Breakfast for 8 pax

Public pool access (within the operating time only)

Tour around the Resort


Air-conditioned room with towels

Bottled water

Drinking cup



WI-FI Connection

Day Tour Room Rates


Weekdays (Mon-Thu)


Weekends (Fri-Sun)

Overnight Room Rates


Weekdays (Mon-Thu)


Weekends (Fri-Sun)

Day Tour Exclusions

7 hours only
Entrance not included

Overnight Timeframe

Check in time: 4PM
Check out time: 2PM
₱2,000/hour of extension


A miniature replica of the Ummayad Palace that is a large palatial complex from the Umayyad period, located on the Citadel hill (Jabal al-Qal’a) of Amman, Jordan. Built during the first half of the 8th century, it is now largely ruined, with a restored domed entrance chamber. Known as the “kiosk” or “monumental gateway”.

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